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a little bit of the soul nomad scenery 

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Top STUFF Pages! The main things were translated by someone, but as can see, there’s a lot more text here. lol

I also scanned bunch of other pages too, like a interview with a Prinny, the Monster Collection, some dialog things? Not sure if they’re game dialog or something else, some of the interview bits for DD2 AND the 100 Questions about Disgaea, along with the answer key! That would be fun to translate. XD

If anyone wants them, Imgur has recompressed them a bit, but they’re huge and lil’ extra darkened to make them more readable. SO they’re all HERE! Warning for nsfw Rozalin boob/sake drinking and HEAVY page load! ^.^

And that’s all for now. ^.^ Hoping when I’ve got the money, I’ll grab the DD2 novel, manga and that coming Harada artworks! And there will be scanning when it does happen. XD

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do me a favor and don’t look at the last panel. do me a favor and don’t look at any panel. I am going to eat

(edit: wow I was not expecting this many notes in the slightest and I just want to mention that this is disgaea 3 fanart, not my original concept. maybe you all knew that but I wanna make sure)

What a wonderful comic. It’s really sad though that people aren’t realizing she’s not an OC and she is from Disgaea 3 because they don’t see your edit or your tags.

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tags → #disgaea 

good news everyone! overlord priere has finished her studies, so that means i can actually (potentially) focus on writing for this again!

(at least until i get a job…)

-Overlord Priere

alright, i got a draft that i started a month ago saved. it’s nowhere near done, but i started it at least ^^;

i DO have a life people c:


alright i changed the blog colors again and added some snow for the holidays. tell me if they’re terrible

EDIT: replaced the picture of Sailor Jupiter with Sailor Moon. nearly forgot

-Admin Priere

the blog is now spooky! hooray!

that took longer than i anticipated


zoo-wee-mama i have not written anything in quite some time D:

in my defense i have studies and crap (studying to be a dog groomer~). i’ll try and see what i can do for this month, tho…


La Pucelle Characters Join Disgaea D2 As DLC.


From Siliconera:


Nippon Ichi Software has released the next batch of DLC characters for Disgaea D2. This time, they’ve added Demon Lord Priere, Normal Priere, and Eclair, the heroes of their strategy game La Pucelle: Tactics. 

Priere has been available in previous Disgaea games in her demon lord form, but this is the first time she is available in both her demon lord and normal forms. Dark Eclair also makes an appearance in Eclair’s attack animations.









Each character is available for 300 yen. You can also buy all three for 900 yen and get a bonus PS3 theme.

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